Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 update


Firstly everyone here at After Dark would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone well and hope you are all keeping safe. We have had many emails and messages regarding when we shall be reopening and rescheduling events. We would like to state we have been trying our very best to contact venues regarding rescheduling postponed events. We are working to the best of our ability’s to get back to ghost hunting, we have been following government advice and been working closely with health & safety teams, to ensure when we reopen, we do so in the safest way possible. Unfortunately we still can not confirm an official re opening date for After Dark events, but we continue to be open our usual hours and we will be answering all questions and messages as soon as possible, we would like to thank everyone for there patience and understanding.

When we are able to host events to the public we would like to inform you of some PPE steps we shall be taking to insure our team and your safety.

  1. Face masks will be mandatory for the foreseeable future, anybody refusing to wear a face mask will not be able to attend an event.
  2. Plastic/Disposable gloves will be provided to our guests to ensure we can offer you the closest thing to a “Normal” ghost hunt, this way you can still be able to use our equipment.
  3. Hand sanitiser will be provided upon arrival, you will be asked to use the sanitiser every time you touch any of our equipment.
  4. After somebody has used equipment we will be wiping down the equipment with antibacterial and disinfecting wipes.
  5. Upon arrival you will be assigned a host to look after you for the evening to avoid unnecessary mixing of groups / you will be investigating in the groups you came in and will not be mixing with other groups.

Other safety measures will be put into place and more updates including how we will be conducting vigils will be released on our next update.

Thank you


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