Im the proud owner of After Dark Paranormal UK, I've been investigating the paranormal for a number of years, i have been a host at over 100 paranormal events, including investigating abroad. My passion is not only the paranormal but meeting all the amazing people on the events and making sure i can provide the best evening possible for everyone in attendance. I have paranormal diplomas in demonology and parapsychology, so im always happy to answer any questions our guests may have about the paranormal world. Being a paranormal investigator has changed my life immensely, but the pivotal moment of my career was when i saw my first and only apparition. It left me with so many unanswered questions about the paranormal and proving, there is so much more out there which we could ever comprehend. My ultimate goal as a paranormal researcher and investigator is to fine definitive proof to share with the world.


Favourite venue

The ancient ram inn

Favourite piece of equipment

P-SB11 / REM pod
Paranormal expertise
Demonology, parapsychology, equipment operator