Growing up in the seventies and eighties and watching shows like rentaghost, The ghosts of grenvillle place l always had an interest in spirits. From a young age l could see, feel and hear things others couldn't .As l got older I'd love reading ghost story's and watching Arthur C Clarke's misterous World anything supernatural fascinated me. So naturally when the chance came to become a paranormal investigator l grabbed it with both arms. I definitely have the paranormal buzz from the start and catching evidence of the beyond and those that have passed is utterly amazing. I have encountered and seen so many things l can neither debunk or explain it has to be put down to something else ie paranormal. I love seeing all the historic places we go to and getting to interact with spirit always blows my mind. Thanks to the paranormal l now have five dipolmas in ghost hunting and the paranormal, parapsychology, demonology, cryptozoology and EVP capture and analysis you are forever learning in the paranormal world l love doing what l do and hope l can pass some of that buzz and knowledge to others.


Favourite venue

The ancient ram inn

Favourite piece of equipment

Myself, being open minded and trying to always find a scientific answer
Paranormal expertise
Diploma in Cryptozoology, parapsychology, EVP capture and analysis