Old School Museum, Hitchin 05/09/2020

Thank you to the guests that joined us last night at old school Hitchin! 5/9/2020 Paranormal Activity Log – After a quiet first 2 hours activity picked up around 12pm as guests and the After Dark Team experienced poltergeist activity. A glass flew of the table in front of our guests and hosts which landed the other side of the room it was such a powerful push the glass has been chipped and broken. We also experienced unusual noises on our spirit box, which many of us believe sounded like chanting which then turned in to choking sounds. Which ties in with the a gentleman who did pass away in the room by hanging himself. We also had cat balls going crazy in the baby’s crib which we were later informed a young girl called Alice sadly passed away in that very room at a very young age. We heard footsteps circling the bed and going down the stairs, as well as locks being swayed with no logical reason for its movement. We also had reports of our guests feeling very sick and dizzy, in the headmaster quarters where the headmaster or the school himself unfortunately passed away. Overall after a few hours of investigating and building up the energy of the building we had a very active night overall! And we can’t wait to come back to this amazing venue and investigate once more.

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