Rifles Museum 10/09/21

Activity Log

Thank you to our guests that joined us the Rifles museum 10/09/21
Activity Log – sensory equipment was triggered throughout the evening.- contact was made with a young lady called Lucy who informed us of how she died and the caretaker confirmed there was in fact a lady called Lucy that past away at the location and is said to haunt the corridors.- a loud dragging/thudding sound was heard by 1 group including the caretaker. (We never found where the sound came from or what caused the noise) – Throughout the evening our ouija board sessions were highly successful, we had a number of our guests make contact with a loved one, and answered questions only they would know.- A couple reported seeing a dark figure in the hallway at the end of the evening, after the report was made footsteps were heard following the couple around the location (EVP analysis will be examined soon) – A small group of guests reported seeing a face at the window (everyone had left the building) – A spirit box session was conducted in the library and footsteps were heard circling where we were sat around the table followed by our k2 & REM device triggering.

Some footage of our paranormal investigation at “The Rifles Museum” 10/09/21 Firstly our trail camera captured the REM device being triggered by a strong energy, then something seems to knocks the device over on the table (no one was in the room) interestingly the teddy bear trigger object did NOT fall over which rules out any sort of gust of wind or vibrations ect. this footage was edited from 2hours (no activity) down to 50 seconds Our other video ls capture our guests taking part in glass work in the basement of the museum, where serval spirits attempted to communicate with us, followed by a successful ouija board session where a spirit of a loved one came through and contacted one of our guests. (Edited down to a short video due to the sensitive message that came through)

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