(Last Updated: 14/09/2021 )

  1. For insurance and safety purposes to book an After Dark Paranormal UK event you must be 18+ ( you may be asked to supply ID upon arrival )
  2. No alcohol or drugs may be used/consumed at any of our events.
    Anyone caught or suspected of drinking alcohol will be escorted from the venue and no refunds will be given.
    Anyone caught or suspected of consuming any illegal substances will be also escorted from the venue and the police will be called.
  3. No smoking or vaping will be allowed in any venue.
    For smokers you will be shown a designated smoking area and shown where to dispose of your cigarette butts.
    Anyone caught lighting/using a naked flame in any venue will be asked to leave no refunds will be given.
  4. For Health & Safety reasons any person with a disability or that may be pregnant, is advised to contact us before making a booking so we can ensure the venue is appropriate and safe for their needs.
  5. After Dark Paranormal UK will not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage to customer belongings, all personal items you bring to an event are your full responsibility.
  6. After Dark Paranormal UK will give you our professional views on any activity that may have occurred whilst at our event, but customers are always encouraged to voice and make their own opinions. Everyone at After Dark Paranormal UK have diplomas in the paranormal. All staff are fully trained to operate as hosts and investigate the paranormal.
  7. REFUND POLICY once payment has been made for your chosen event, you will not be able to change your booking or receive a refund.
    We only issues refunds if we ourselves have to cancel the event.
    Refunds will also not be given if customers do not experience any paranormal activity at an event as we can not always promise activity.
    Refunds will not be given if any of our safety procedures and protocols have been broken or the Police have to attend.
    If After Dark Paranormal has been forced to cancel an event, the customer will choice of either:
    1) A credit note to use on another event equalling the same amount paid for the cancelled event 2) The customer has the choice to keep there tickets if the venue has ensured us a rescheduled date.
  8. We expect our customers to be respectful at all venues they attended and be polite to our staff.
    If any damage is caused by you to a venue, you shall be held fully accountable.
    Any customer being rude or abusive to staff or other customers will be ask to leave the event and no refund will be given.
  9. Any customers caught faking paranormal activity or manipulating our equipment will be asked to leave the venue/event with no refund.
    You will be ruining an honest event for everyone else and bring previous activity that may have been experienced, into question because of your actions.
  10. We advise all of our customers to pay via PayPal, this ensures that all your payments are handled safely and securely.
  11. Once you have booked and paid for an After Dark Paranormal UK event you will receive an email from our booking system, to confirm that your booking has been received. You will receive a further email at least 48 hours before the event with all the details of the event including directions.
  12. Upon arrival customers will be shown to a base room where their belongings can be secured and remain safe for the evening. Once the event has started no food or drink is allowed to be brought on the investigation.
  13. On many events you will be given your own time to investigate the venue. You will be offered the chance to borrow some of After Dark Paranormal UK's equipment. Whilst the equipment is in your care you are fully responsible for that equipment. Should the equipment be returned damaged whilst having been in your care, we will hold you responsible for its repair or replacement costs.
  14. After Dark Paranormal UK respects that many people of different beliefs and religions may attend our events. We ask that all customers respect our polices and rules when taking part in activities such as Ouija boards and pendulums. We operate a very strict opening and closing safety rule at all of our activities, which will require safety prayers to protect ourselves and you, our customers.
  15. Filming and photography may be carried out at After Dark Paranormal UK events, we encourage all of our guests to take photos and videos if you wish, some of which may be posted onto our own web site or social media accounts.
    By booking and attending an event with After Dark Paranormal UK you accept that you may therefore appear in videos or photographs taken by us or customers, which maybe posted online or used for advertising purposes.
COVID-19 T&C... Booking on an event during the covid19 pandemic results in you agreeing to the following terms 1.PPE must be worn at all times 2.If PPE is refused to be worn we have the right to refuse you entry into the event 3.If your booking has to be rescheduled due to covid measures/regulations you are agreeing to wait for the rescheduled event. Please note we will NOT be issuing refunds for rescheduled events during COVID-19 if the event you have booked on is delayed your booking will be kept and you will be emailed the new rescheduled date. 4.Refunds will only be issued if the event has to be cancelled and there is no possibility of a rescheduled date 5.upon booking an event you are agreeing to take part in all COVID-19 safety measures put in place by the after dark team. Anybody not compiling or breaking the rules shall be removed from the event with no refund issued.