We’re good to go!

After supplying out COVID-19 security measures to .gov we are please to say

  1. Face masks will be mandatory for the foreseeable future, anybody refusing to wear a face mask will not be able to attend an event. 
  2. Plastic/Disposable gloves will be provided to our guests to ensure we can offer you the closest thing to a “Normal” ghost hunt, this way you can still be able to use our equipment. 
  3. Hand sanitiser will be provided upon arrival, you will be asked to use the sanitiser every time you touch any of our equipment. 
  4. After somebody has used equipment we will be wiping down the equipment with antibacterial and disinfecting wipes.
  5. Upon arrival you will be assigned a host to look after you for the evening to avoid unnecessary mixing of groups / you will be investigating in the groups you came in and will not be mixing with other groups.
  6. keeping the to rule of groups of 6.

Other safety measures will be put into place and more updates including how we will be conducting vigils will be released on our next update. 

Thank you 


Ensuring After Dark Events are Covid secure.

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